Dinosaur Fossil Egg with Slime - 12 per pack

Dinosaur Fossil Egg with Slime - 12 per pack

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The Dinosaur Fossil Egg with Putty is an exciting product available in packs of 12. Each pack includes 12 dinosaur fossil eggs with putty. The fossil eggs are approximately 3 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide.

The Dinosaur Fossil Egg with Putty offers a unique and educational experience. Each fossil egg contains putty inside, which can be molded and shaped to create different forms and structures. It allows children to engage in imaginative play and simulate excavating dinosaur fossils.

The putty is safe and non-toxic, ensuring a worry-free play experience. It can be stretched, squeezed, and manipulated, providing a satisfying tactile sensation. The putty is also reusable, allowing for endless creativity and exploration.

These dinosaur fossil eggs with putty are not only fun to play with but also promote learning about paleontology and the fascinating world of dinosaurs. They can spark curiosity and encourage children to explore science and history.

Overall, the Dinosaur Fossil Egg with Putty combines play, education, and creativity. With their fossil egg design and included putty, they provide an interactive and engaging experience for children.