Smile Braided Bracelets - 12 per pack

Smile Braided Bracelets - 12 per pack


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"Smile Braided Bracelets" are in a pack that contains 12 bracelets, and each bracelet is a woven novelty bracelet designed in a braided style. The bracelets come in various color assortments, adding a touch of variety and vibrancy to the product.

The bracelets are likely made of materials like string, yarn, or other flexible materials suitable for weaving. The braided design gives them a unique and attractive appearance, making them appealing to kids and even adults who appreciate novelty accessories.

The product is suitable for children aged 6 and up, indicating that it is safe and appropriate for kids to wear and handle.

These Smile Braided Bracelets are specifically mentioned as party favors. This means they are intended to be given out as small gifts or tokens to guests at parties or events. They could be included in party favor bags or handed out individually as a thoughtful gesture to commemorate the occasion.

The Smile Braided Bracelets are likely to evoke positivity with their name "Smile." They could feature smiley face motifs or other cheerful designs, contributing to the joyful and celebratory atmosphere of parties or gatherings.

Overall, these novelty bracelets offer a fun and stylish accessory for children and can be used as party favors, making them a delightful addition to birthday parties, celebrations, and other special occasions.