Super Slime - 12 per pack

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The Super Slime pack includes 12 individual items. Each item consists of a 2 7/8 inch tall by 2 3/8 inch wide plastic container filled with super gooey and non-toxic slime. The pack contains assorted colors as shown, offering a variety of vibrant options.

Each container is sealed to prevent any leakage or drying out of the slime. Approximately 4.4 ounces of slime is included in each container, providing a substantial amount for play and sensory exploration.

The pack is shipped in a nice display box, which adds an attractive touch for gifting or showcasing the slime. It also helps with organization and storage.

Super Slime is a popular choice for children and slime enthusiasts. The gooey texture and vibrant colors make it engaging and enjoyable to play with. Whether for stress relief, sensory play, or simply to have some squishy fun, the Super Slime pack offers a satisfying and entertaining experience.