Animal Sticker Book - Blue - 1 per pack

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Price: $2.95
Sale: $1.99

Step into a delightful world of activities with our Blue Animal Sticker Book. Each pack includes a single 11 1/2 inch tall by 8 1/4 inch wide sticker and activity book, perfect for sparking creativity and imagination. The book, bound in a beautiful blue cover, contains 10 engaging pages with 2 of them being sticker sheets featuring a range of charming animals. The other 8 pages offer a variety of activities, striking a balance between fun and learning. As children explore the book, they can use the stickers to complete scenes or create their own imaginative storylines. This exciting mix of stickers and activities offers a fun adventure that fosters cognitive development. Perfect for use at home, school, or while travelling, the Blue Animal Sticker Book is sure to offer endless entertainment.

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