Animal Stretch Bracelets - 72 per pack

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"Animal Stretch Bracelets" provide a fun and versatile option for parties and events targeted at young children, especially those who enjoy animal-themed accessories.

Heres a summary of the key features:

Product: Animal Stretch Bracelets
Quantity: 72 bracelets per pack
Size: 3 inches wide
Material: Plastic (stretchy)
Design: Assortment of animals, including elephants, owls, butterflies, fish, giraffes, turtles, lions, frogs, and monkeys
Target Audience: Suitable for any little princess
Recommended Age: Ages 6 and above

Features and Uses:

  • Colorful, fun, and dainty bracelets suitable for childrens parties and events.
  • The assortment of animal designs adds to the appeal and variety of the product.
  • Ideal for themed parties, especially ones with an animal or princess theme.
  • Can be used as goody bag gifts for guests at parties.
  • Suitable as small game prizes or rewards.
  • Each bracelet is individually packaged with a hangtag, making it easy to distribute or display.