Bingo Paper Game Cards - 1 card - 5 sheets - 100 books per pack

Bingo Paper Game Cards - 1 card - 5 sheets - 100 books per pack

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American Games Bingo Paper Game Cards. Each pack contains 100 books, and each book consists of 5 sheets

Heres a breakdown of the details:

  1. Product Name: American Games Bingo Paper Game Cards
  2. Pack Contents: Each pack contains 100 books.
  3. Book Structure: Each book is made up of 5 sheets.
  4. Sheet Composition: Each sheet contains 1 bingo card.
  5. Card Arrangement: The cards are collated into a padded book, meaning they are grouped together and bound in a way that makes it easy to flip through and use.
  6. Color Varieties: The pack includes 5 different colors for the cards: blue, orange, green, yellow, and pink.
  7. Origin: The cards are made in the USA, suggesting they are manufactured in the United States.
  8. Marking Method: The cards are typically marked with a dauber, which is a specialized ink marker used to cover the called numbers on the bingo card.
  9. Packaging: The pack is sold shrink-wrapped, which means it is tightly wrapped in plastic to keep the contents secure and protected.
  10. Total Quantity: Each pack contains a total of 100 books, and each book contains 5 sheets, resulting in a large number of bingo cards.

This product is intended for a bingo session that plays 5 games. Each color is a unique game, and played only on that color bingo card.    

Order 30 packages of 100 bingo books each, which will give you a total of 3,000 bingo books. This will provide you with a full case of bingo cards, and there will be no duplicate cards by color.

The complete set of bingo cards contains 90 packages, and each card of the same color will be unique in some way. 

Bingo is a popular game of chance that involves players matching numbers on their cards with numbers called out by a caller. The first player to complete a predetermined pattern on their card and call out "Bingo!" wins the game. The variety of colors and the inclusion of 100 books in the pack suggest that these bingo cards are intended for use in larger events or settings where a high number of players will be participating.