Bingo Shutter Cards - Bingo Ball Design - 10 per pack


The Bingo Shutter Card with a Bingo Ball Design 10 Pack is a high-quality, durable product for bingo enthusiasts. These vibrant, colorfully designed slide cards are constructed with attention to detail, featuring stitched edges for added longevity. The cards measure approximately 6 and 7/8 inches square, providing ample space for a clear, easy-to-read layout.

One notable feature of these cards is the unique mechanism that allows for faster play. By simply clearing the Free Space, all other numbers on the card are automatically cleared as well. This feature adds a fresh twist to traditional bingo play, offering an opportunity for quicker rounds and more games to be played in a given time.

A complete set contains 200 different cards, which can be obtained by ordering 20 packages. This makes the Bingo Shutter Cards ideal for larger gatherings, events, or bingo halls. The cards are built to last, promising numerous fun-filled games over many years. Dont miss out on this opportunity to elevate your bingo game with these dynamic, user-friendly bingo cards.