Booger Slime - 12 per pack

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Booger Slime set is a playful, humorous product that would be fun for both children and adults. Its important to ensure its used appropriately to avoid potential messes and to keep it away from small children who might mistakenly ingest it.

Heres a summary of the product features:

  • Quantity: Each pack includes 12 containers of Booger Slime, making it suitable for parties, classrooms, or as gag gifts.

  • Container Size: The plastic containers have a diameter of 2 3/8 inches, making them portable and easy for children to handle.

  • Contents: Each container holds a portion of soft and gooey green "booger" slime. The term "booger" is used in a humorous context to describe the color and consistency of the slime.

  • Use: This product can be a great gag gift or prize. Its fun to squeeze, which can provide tactile enjoyment and potential stress relief.

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