Christmas Popper Bracelet - 12 per pack

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Price: $17.95
Sale: $14.99

The Christmas Popper Bracelets are a pack of 12 rubber popper bracelets designed for both kids and adults. These bracelets are 8 inches long and serve as both a wearable accessory and a stress relief/fidget toy. They are particularly suitable for individuals with autism, ADHD, and anxiety.

The popper bracelets are made of rubber, which gives them flexibility and durability. Each bracelet has a unique design related to Christmas, adding a festive touch to the accessory. The primary purpose of these bracelets is to provide a sensory outlet and aid in stress relief and anxiety reduction.

To use the popper bracelet, one can simply wear it like a regular bracelet. However, the bracelet has an additional feature: it can be "popped" by bending and releasing it, creating a satisfying snapping sound. This popping action can serve as a fidgeting mechanism, helping individuals with autism, ADHD, or anxiety to redirect their focus and relieve stress or nervous energy.

The Christmas Popper Bracelets come in a pack of 12, making them suitable for sharing with friends, family, or classmates during the holiday season. Whether used as a festive accessory, stress relief tool, or fidget toy, these bracelets offer a versatile solution for individuals of all ages who may benefit from sensory stimulation and anxiety management.

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