Dinosaur Gliders - 12 per pack

Dinosaur Gliders - 12 per pack


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The Dinosaur Gliders pack includes 12 gliders, each featuring a foam dinosaur design. The gliders are approximately 7 inches by 8 inches in size and come in assorted dinosaur shapes and colors. This variety adds excitement and surprise to each pack.

These foam dinosaur gliders are easy to assemble, allowing children to quickly put them together and get them ready for flight. The lightweight foam material makes them safe and suitable for kids to handle.

Each glider is individually packaged, making them convenient for use as kids favors or for distribution at parties or events. The packaging helps keep the gliders protected and prevents any tangling or damage.

Children can have a great time launching the dinosaur gliders and watching them soar through the air. It provides a fun and interactive experience that stimulates their imagination and engages them in creative play.

These dinosaur gliders can be used both indoors and outdoors, offering flexibility in play locations. They are ideal for playdates, dinosaur-themed parties, or educational activities related to prehistoric creatures.

With 12 gliders in a pack, there are plenty of options for sharing among a group of children, ensuring everyone can participate and have fun.