Emoji Stampers - 24 per pack

Emoji Stampers - 24 per pack


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The pack of Emoji Stampers include 24 stampers in total. Each stamper is a fun mini-sized tool that can create approximately 1-inch stamped emoji faces.

These stampers are self-inking, which means they have an integrated ink pad, and theres no need to use a separate ink pad for stamping. After use, users can replace the caps on the stampers to keep them clean and ready for the next use.

The stampers come in 4 assorted styles of emoji faces, showcasing various expressive emotions commonly used in digital communication. As mentioned before, emojis are symbols of emotions used to convey feelings, add context, or express reactions in text messages, emails, and social media posts.

The stampers size measures approximately 1 1/2 inches tall, making them small and portable. They are suitable for various purposes, such as marking papers, crafts, decorating, or adding a touch of fun to notes or messages.

Being safe and non-toxic, these stampers are appropriate for use by both kids and adults. They are great for educational settings, rewarding students efforts, or serving as incentives for various tasks. Additionally, they can be used as party favors for events and celebrations.

Overall, Emoji Stampers offer a playful and creative way to incorporate emojis into various activities. They provide a tangible and interactive means of expressing emotions, adding enjoyment to both practical and recreational tasks.