Four Crayons - Boxed - 12 boxes per pack

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Four Crayons - Boxed

- 12 boxes per pack - 4 crayons per box. Assorted colors are yellow, green, blue and red.

Whether you are planning a party for young children, you care for young children, or you have young children of your own, crayons are an absolute necessity. This timeless toy can help entertain children in a variety of ways. This small toy has been a favorite for generations, which is why we offer it in sets at an affordable price. Each set contains 12 packages of 4 crayons in red, blue, yellow, and green.

With a four-pack of crayons, imagination can be unleashed. Every mom can carry her own supply to use during wait times in doctor’s offices, restaurants, and other events that are bettered by quiet activities. Restaurants, car dealerships, and offices can also use these to give out to customers. These four-packs of crayons can be used during parties for coloring contests, bingo, or other fun games. If you are planning a carnival, birthday party, family reunion, wedding, or other family-friendly event, these crayons will be enjoyed and appreciated. They make great prizes for pinatas, treat bags, and coloring contests. Even though crayons are associated with young children, teens and adults also enjoy having the opportunity to color on special occasions.

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  • 12 boxes per pack
  • 4 crayons per box
  • Assorted colors are yellow, green, blue and red