Glitter Balls - 144 per pack

Glitter Balls - 144 per pack

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The Glitter Balls pack includes 144 hi-bounce balls, each featuring glittery details for added visual appeal. These glitter balls are designed to bring excitement and impact to parties and gatherings.

Key features of the Glitter Balls:

  1. Size: Each ball measures 1 inch in diameter, making them small and portable, perfect for play indoors or outdoors.

  2. Hi-Bounce: The balls are hi-bounce, meaning they have the ability to bounce to a greater height compared to regular balls. When thrown or dropped, they will exhibit an extra-springy and lively bounce, providing entertainment and fun for users.

  3. Glittery Design: The balls are adorned with glitter, giving them a sparkling and eye-catching appearance. The glitter enhances their visual appeal, making them attractive to both kids and adults.

  4. Material: The balls are made from highly dense materials, which contributes to their excellent bouncing characteristics and overall durability.

  5. Color Assortment: The pack includes an assortment of colors for the glitter balls. The specific color combinations may vary, adding an element of surprise and variety to the package.

With these features, the Glitter Balls are a great addition to parties, celebrations, and events, where they can provide entertainment and amusement for guests of all ages. They can be used for fun games, outdoor play, or as party favors for attendees to take home.

The combination of hi-bounce and glittery design makes these balls stand out and appeal to those who enjoy playful and visually appealing toys. Additionally, they can be suitable for playtime, stress relief, and even for promoting physical activity and coordination in children.