Jewel Rings - 144 per pack

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The Jewel Rings pack includes 144 plastic rings, each measuring 1 inch in size. These jewel rings are designed with pretty colors and a gemstone-like appearance, making them appealing to those who enjoy the princess theme or treasure hunting fun.

Key features of the Jewel Rings:

  1. Size: The rings are small and measure 1 inch in diameter, making them suitable for childrens fingers and for individuals who prefer dainty accessories.

  2. Plastic Material: The rings are made of plastic, which makes them lightweight, durable, and safe for use. The plastic material also allows for an affordable price, making them great for bulk purchases.

  3. Gemstone-Like Appearance: The rings are designed to resemble gemstones or jewels, providing a sparkling and regal appearance to those who wear them.

  4. Open Back: The rings have an open back, which allows for an easier fit and makes them adjustable to fit various finger sizes.

Uses and Applications:

  1. Princess Party Favors: These jewel rings are perfect as party favors for princess-themed parties. They can be given out to guests as a delightful and whimsical keepsake, adding to the princess charm of the celebration.

  2. Treasure Chest: The rings can also be used as treasures in a treasure chest activity or treasure hunt game during parties or events. Children can enjoy the thrill of finding these beautiful jewels during the game.

  3. Pretend Play: Kids can incorporate these jewel rings into their dress-up or pretend play activities, adding an extra touch of sparkle and imagination to their games.

  4. Costume Accessories: The jewel rings can be used as costume accessories for various dress-up occasions, school plays, or Halloween costumes, enhancing the overall look of princess or royal outfits.

Overall, the Jewel Rings pack offers a delightful and playful addition to princess-themed events, treasure hunts, or any occasion where a touch of sparkle and whimsy is desired. The large quantity of rings in the pack also makes them ideal for party planners, event organizers, or anyone looking to provide a fun and charming treat for children.

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