Light Up Spring Tops - 12 per pack

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Light Up Spring Tops toys are designed to offer a simple yet enjoyable play experience. The twisting and lighting-up mechanism likely adds an element of excitement for users, especially children. Additionally, the individual packaging makes them convenient for gifting or resale.

Here are the key details about the product:

  1. Quantity: The pack includes 12 Light Up Spring Tops.
  2. Size: The plastic spring measures 2 3/4 inches in length, and it comes with a 2-inch plastic topper.
  3. Function: The top and bottom parts of the spring can be attached together. To activate the toy, you need to twist the topper clockwise a few times and then push the button.
  4. Light-up feature: When activated, the Light Up Spring Tops emit light, making them visually appealing and entertaining.
  5. Packaging: Each Light Up Spring Top is individually packaged, ensuring that they are protected and ready for use or distribution.

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