Magnetic Bingo Chips - Blue - 100 chips - 3/4 inch size


The Magnetic Bingo Chips are blue in color and come in a set of 100 chips. Each chip has a size of 3/4 inch. These chips are essentially used as markers for playing bingo.

The chips are designed to be magnetic, which means they can be easily attracted to magnetic surfaces. They are intended to be used with a magnetic bingo wand, which is a tool that allows players to easily pick up and move the magnetic chips on the bingo cards. This makes it convenient to mark the called numbers on the bingo cards.

Additionally, these magnetic bingo chips are specifically suited for use with hard bingo cards. Hard bingo cards might have a surface that traditional markers wouldnt work well on, so magnetic chips can provide a more effective way of marking numbers.

To sum up, the product consists of 100 red magnetic bingo chips, each with a size of 3/4 inch. They are meant to be used with a magnetic bingo wand and are particularly suitable for hard bingo cards. These chips serve as markers to keep track of called numbers during a bingo game.