Mermaid Bendables - 12 per pack

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The Mermaid Bendables come in packs of 12. Each pack contains 12 bendable mermaids, and each mermaid figure is approximately 4 inches tall. These mermaids are designed to be flexible and can be bent into various poses, adding an interactive and playful element to playtime.

The primary purpose of these mermaid bendables is for play and amusement. Children and individuals of all ages can have fun bending and posing the mermaids, engaging their creativity and imagination during play sessions. The bendable feature allows for dynamic storytelling and role-playing adventures.

In addition to play, the mermaid bendables have potential applications in crafting. They could be used in various craft projects, where their whimsical and colorful design can add a decorative touch to DIY creations. For example, they might be used to enhance homemade soaps, making them more appealing to kids or mermaid enthusiasts. Alternatively, the bendable mermaids could be utilized as cupcake toppers for mermaid-themed parties, adding a charming and playful element to the desserts.

The versatility of these mermaid bendables makes them suitable for various creative purposes, whether for playtime, crafting, or decorative use. The 12-pack allows for easy distribution and sharing among kids or party guests, making them a fun addition to birthday parties, celebrations, or craft gatherings.

Overall, the Mermaid Bendables offer a delightful and imaginative play experience, and their flexibility lends them well to creative and decorative projects. Whether used as toys or in crafting, they are likely to bring joy to both kids and adults who appreciate the enchanting world of mermaids.