Mini Yoyos - 36 per pack

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Price: $6.19
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The Mini Yoyos pack contains 36 plastic yoyos, each measuring 1 inch in size. These yoyos are designed with a 1-inch plastic loop ring, which allows for easy use and play.

Key features of the Mini Yoyos:

  1. Size: The yoyos are mini-sized, measuring 1 inch in diameter, making them suitable for both kids and adults and easy to carry around.

  2. Plastic Material: The yoyos are made of plastic, which provides durability and ensures smooth yoyo play.

  3. Loop Ring: The yoyos have a plastic loop ring that allows users to easily hold and control the yoyo while performing tricks.

Uses and Applications:

  1. Party Favors: The mini yoyos are excellent party favors for various occasions, such as birthday parties, school events, or any celebration where fun and interactive toys are desired.

  2. Prizes and Rewards: The yoyos can be used as prizes or rewards for games, competitions, or school activities. They can motivate participants and add excitement to events.

  3. Play and Tricks: The mini yoyos are perfect for yoyo play and learning tricks. Users can practice basic tricks like the sleeper, walk the dog, or more advanced tricks for those who are skilled in yoyoing.

  4. Collectibles: These mini yoyos can also serve as collectible items for yoyo enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy trying different yoyo designs and colors.

The color assortment may vary, adding an element of surprise and variety to the pack. The mini yoyos are simple yet entertaining toys that provide a classic and enjoyable play experience. They can be used for individual play or shared with friends and family, making them a fun addition to any gathering or as a delightful surprise in party favor bags.