Mini Animal Puffer Rings - 12 per pack

Price/Count :


Mini Animal Puffer Rings are fun and attractive novelty items.

Here are the detailed specifications:

  1. Quantity: The pack contains 12 Mini Animal Puffer Rings, making them perfect for distributing at parties or events.

  2. Size: Each ring measures 3 inches in size, an appropriate size for children to handle and play with.

  3. Hanging Tag: Every piece comes with a hanging tag, adding to its aesthetics and also providing a convenient option for displaying or storing the item.

  4. Material and Design: The rings have soft, rubbery spikes, providing a unique tactile experience. Their big, bulging eyes add a fun, playful touch to the overall design.

  5. Packaging: Each set of a dozen rings is packed in a polybag, ensuring they are well-protected and easy to carry around or distribute.

  6. Uses: These Mini Animal Puffer Rings make terrific prizes at games or party favors, adding a unique and engaging element to any event.

Remember, this product should always be used under adult supervision due to their size and material.

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