Silly Face Inflate - 12 per pack

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The Silly Face Inflate is a fun and entertaining product that offers inflatable amusement for users.

Here are the main features of the product:

  1. Quantity: Each pack includes 12 Silly Face Inflates, providing multiple inflatable balls for play or distribution.
  2. Size: The inflatable funny face ball measures 16 inches in size when inflated, making it a sizable and visually engaging item.
  3. Funny face design: The ball features a silly or humorous face design, adding a touch of laughter and amusement to the play experience.
  4. Assorted colors: The product comes in a variety of colors, and the assortment may vary, offering a range of options and a surprise element for users.
  5. Sold deflated: The Silly Face Inflates are sold deflated, ensuring they are easy to store and transport.
  6. Individually sealed: Each inflatable ball is individually sealed, ensuring they remain fresh and ready for use or distribution.

Silly Face Inflate is designed to provide light-hearted and entertaining play. The large size and funny face design make the inflatable ball visually appealing and inviting for children and adults alike. Inflating the ball can be a fun activity in itself, and the assortment of colors allows users to choose their favorite or enjoy the element of surprise when opening each one. Being sold deflated makes them convenient for packaging and shipping, and the individual sealing ensures that each ball remains protected until it is ready to be inflated and used.

This product could be a fantastic addition to parties, playtime, or even as a novelty gift for individuals who enjoy light-hearted humor and playful items. The Silly Face Inflate invites users to embrace silliness and laughter, making it an enjoyable and engaging inflatable toy.

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