Smile Finger Puppets - 12 per pack

Smile Finger Puppets - 12 per pack

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The Smile Finger Puppets pack includes 12 finger puppets, each measuring 1.5 inches in size. These finger puppets are designed with smiley faces, adding a cheerful and playful touch to their appearance.

Key features of the Smile Finger Puppets:

  1. Size: The finger puppets are small and measure 1.5 inches, making them ideal for fitting on fingers of various sizes, including children and adults.

  2. Smiley Faces: The finger puppets feature smiley faces, making them adorable and delightful for play and interaction.

Uses and Applications:

  1. Party Favors: The Smile Finger Puppets are perfect as party favors for various celebrations, such as birthday parties, school events, or any occasion where fun and interactive toys are appreciated.

  2. Prizes: These finger puppets can be used as prizes for games, contests, or reward systems in schools or events.

  3. Play and Entertainment: Children and adults can use these finger puppets for imaginative play, creating stories and skits with the cute smiley characters.

  4. Sensory Play: The finger puppets can also be used for sensory play, especially for younger children, to enhance tactile exploration and creativity.

Overall, the Smile Finger Puppets pack offers a simple and entertaining product that can bring smiles and joy to both children and adults. Their compact size and happy design make them versatile for various uses, whether its for party favors, prizes, interactive play, or sensory activities.