Snowman Pencils - 12 per pack

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Embrace the winter chill and holiday spirit with our Snowman Pencils. Each box contains 12 whimsically designed pencils, perfect for writing chilly tales, cool notes, or jotting down important holiday shopping reminders. These pencils come with number 2 lead, ideal for most writing or drawing tasks.

Featuring a colorful wrapped design, these wooden pencils are not just practical, theyre delightful to look at too. The playful snowman motif adds a festive touch, making writing and drawing a more joyous activity.

Whether youre a teacher looking to bring a bit of holiday fun to your classroom, a parent keeping the home equipped for creativity, or seeking unique stocking stuffers, these snowman pencils are a fantastic choice. Let your notes and drawings come alive with a touch of frosty fun this holiday season!