Squeeze Grape Balls - 12 per pack

Squeeze Grape Balls - 12 per pack


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"Squeeze Grape Balls" are small squeezy, squishy grape-shaped balls designed to resemble a bunch of grapes when squeezed inside the included mesh. The product comes in a pack of 12 balls, each measuring 2 inches in size. The main purpose of these balls is to serve as stress relievers, as they can be squeezed and squished to help alleviate stress and tension.

Key features of the product:

  1. Quantity: 12 grape balls are included in each pack.
  2. Size: Each grape ball measures 2 inches in diameter.
  3. Texture: The balls are squeezy and squishy, providing a tactile experience.
  4. Mesh included: The product includes a mesh, possibly to simulate the feel of squeezing grapes in a vine.
  5. Stress reliever: The balls are intended to help relieve stress and tension.
  6. Individually wrapped: Each ball is individually wrapped, ensuring hygiene and easy distribution.
  7. Display box: The grape balls are shipped in a nice display box, making it suitable for presenting as a gift or storing them neatly.

Overall, these Squeeze Grape Balls sound like a fun and practical stress-relieving product that could be enjoyable for individuals of all ages.