Squish Unicorns - 12 per pack

Squish Unicorns - 12 per pack

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The Squish Unicorns are adorable and squishy fidget toys available in packs of 12. Each pack includes 12 squish unicorns. These unicorns measure 3.25 inches in size and come in assorted colors, adding variety and visual appeal.

The Squish Unicorns are made of a soft and slow-rising foam material, making them satisfying to squeeze and manipulate. They are designed in a laying-down position, adding to their charm and cuteness.

These squishy unicorns can be used as a fidget toy for stress relief. Squeezing and manipulating them can provide a calming effect and help reduce anxiety and tension. They offer a tactile sensory experience that can help promote relaxation and focus.

The pack of 12 squish unicorns ensures there are plenty to go around, making them suitable for sharing with friends, classmates, or colleagues. They can be used at home, in the office, or anywhere stress relief or fidgeting is desired.

Overall, the Squish Unicorns offer a delightful and soothing tactile experience. With their soft foam material, adorable design, and stress-relieving qualities, they provide a fun and therapeutic fidget toy option for individuals of all ages.