Super Saucer Launcher - 12 per pack

Super Saucer Launcher - 12 per pack

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The Super Saucer Launcher is an exciting and entertaining product that offers a fun and active play experience.

Here are the main features of the product:

  1. Quantity: Each pack includes 12 Super Saucer Launchers, providing multiple launchers for play or distribution.
  2. Size: The plastic super saucer launcher is 4 inches in size, making it easy to hold and operate.
  3. Discs included: The launcher comes with 3 plastic discs, each measuring 2 1/2 inches, which can be attached to the launcher.
  4. Launch mechanism: To launch the discs, users need to attach them, twist, and then pull the trigger on the launcher, propelling the discs into the air.
  5. Game prizes: The Super Saucer Launcher is great for game prizes, as it provides an interactive and enjoyable reward.
  6. Packaging: Each launcher is packaged on a 6 5/8 by 5 7/8 inch blister packed cardboard, ensuring they are presented neatly for purchase or gifting.
  7. Assorted colors: The product comes in an assortment of colors, adding an element of surprise and variety when using or collecting the launchers.

Super Saucer Launcher is designed to provide a dynamic and engaging play experience. The act of launching the discs can be thrilling for children and even adults who enjoy interactive toys. The launchers mechanism allows for repeated play and experimentation as users try different angles and strengths to make the discs fly higher and farther. The assortment of colors makes each launcher unique and allows users to choose their favorite or try out various styles. This product could be an excellent addition to childrens parties, outdoor games, or even as a novelty gift that encourages active play and fun competition among friends and family.