Tinsel Shaker Wand - 12 per pack

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The Tinsel Shaker Wand comes in a pack of 12. Each pack contains 12 tinsel shaker wands, and each wand measures approximately 17 1/2 inches in length. These wands are designed with tinsel material, which adds a shimmering and festive element to their appearance.

The primary purpose of these tinsel shaker wands is for showing team spirit. They are likely to be used at sporting events, pep rallies, or any occasion where team support and enthusiasm are encouraged. When shaken or waved, the tinsel shaker wands create a vibrant and eye-catching display, adding to the excitement and energy of the event.

The assortment of colors may vary, providing a diverse selection of options for customers. This variety ensures that each pack contains an array of colors, making it easy for attendees or supporters to pick a wand that matches their teams colors.

The tinsel shaker wands are lightweight and easy to handle, making them suitable for both kids and adults to use. Their long length allows for wide movements, making them more visible and effective in creating a visual spectacle.

These shaker wands can also be used as fun and interactive props for various events, parties, or celebrations. They add a touch of joy and celebration to birthday parties, New Years Eve parties, or any festive gathering.

Overall, the Tinsel Shaker Wand offers a lively and spirited way to support teams and celebrate special occasions. Whether used to show team spirit at sporting events or to add a festive touch to parties, these tinsel shaker wands are sure to spread cheer and excitement among participants and spectators alike.