Velcro Dart Board Game - 1 per pack

Velcro Dart Board Game - 1 per pack

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The Velcro Dart Board is a game that offers safe and competitive fun for players of all ages. The dart board itself measures 11 3/4 inches in diameter, providing a suitable size for both children and adults to enjoy.

The game includes two ways to play, allowing for versatile gameplay and options. Players can use the included darts or balls to play, depending on their preference or the desired level of challenge.

The darts included in the set measure 3 1/2 inches in length. They are designed with Velcro tips, allowing them to stick securely to the dart board when thrown. The Velcro tips ensure a safe and harmless experience, as there are no sharp points involved. Players can aim and throw the darts with confidence, knowing that they will stick to the board upon impact.

In addition to the darts, the game also includes balls that measure approximately 1 1/2 inches in size. These balls also feature Velcro surfaces, allowing them to adhere to the dart board when thrown. The use of balls adds an alternative gameplay option, providing variety and additional ways to enjoy the game.

The Velcro Dart Board is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor play. Its safe design eliminates the risk of accidents or injuries that are associated with traditional dart boards. It can be enjoyed at home, in schools, or during gatherings, providing hours of entertainment and friendly competition.

Overall, the Velcro Dart Board offers a safe and engaging game for players of all ages. With its versatile gameplay options and secure Velcro attachments, it combines fun and skill while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.