Zoo Animal Chalkboard Sets - 12 per pack

Zoo Animal Chalkboard Sets - 12 per pack


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"Zoo Animal Chalkboard Sets" are in a pack that contains 12 sets, and each set includes the following items:

  1. One Chalkboard: The set comes with a chalkboard, likely made of a material suitable for writing with chalk. Chalkboards are reusable writing surfaces that can be wiped clean and used again for drawing, writing, or doodling.

  2. 4 Pieces of Chalk: Along with the chalkboard, each set includes four pieces of chalk. Chalk is a soft, dusty material that is commonly used on chalkboards for writing or drawing.

The product is suitable for children ages 3 and up, indicating that it is designed for young kids who are old enough to safely handle chalk and enjoy drawing or writing.

The chalkboards in each set feature assorted zoo animals, providing a fun and playful theme to engage childrens imagination and creativity. It is likely that the chalkboards are decorated with colorful images of various animals typically found in a zoo, such as lions, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and more.

Each set is individually wrapped, ensuring that the chalkboard and chalk remain clean and protected until they are ready to be used. This also makes them suitable as party favors, gifts, or classroom rewards.

Overall, the Zoo Animal Chalkboard Sets offer an entertaining and educational activity for young children, encouraging them to explore their artistic skills and creativity while having fun with the zoo animal-themed chalkboards and chalk.