Dinosaur in Eggs - 12 per pack

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Dinosaur in Eggs is a pack of plastic dinosaur eggs, each containing a small plastic dinosaur inside. Here are the key features of this product:

  1. Quantity: Each pack contains 12 Dinosaur in Eggs.
  2. Size: The dinosaur eggs are approximately 2 inches in size.
  3. Contents: Inside each egg, there is a plastic dinosaur, which measures around 1 1/2 inches.
  4. Material: Both the dinosaur egg and the plastic dinosaur are made of plastic.
  5. Usage: These dinosaur eggs are suitable as party favors and prizes for various events and gatherings.

Dinosaur in Eggs are likely designed to offer a fun and exciting surprise for kids. The concept of a dinosaur egg containing a hidden dinosaur inside adds an element of mystery and anticipation. Children can enjoy the thrill of discovering which dinosaur they will find in each egg. These dinosaur eggs could be popular as party favors for dinosaur-themed parties, birthdays, or any event where kids are present. They can also be used as rewards or prizes for games and activities. The small size of the eggs and dinosaurs makes them portable and easy to carry, allowing kids to take them home as a memento of the event or play with them wherever they go.