Emoji Tattoos - 144 per pack

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The Emoji Tattoos pack contains 144 temporary tattoos. Each temporary tattoo is approximately 1 5/8 inches in size, making them suitable for applying to various body parts.

The tattoos feature assorted emoji smiles, which are popular symbols used to convey emotions, expressions, and sentiments in digital communication, such as text messages or emails. Emojis are designed to add tone and context to written messages, making them more engaging and expressive.

The pack includes a variety of emoji designs, showcasing different facial expressions, emotions, and characters. Some common examples of emoji smiles include happy faces, sad faces, winking faces, heart eyes, and various other symbols denoting laughter, surprise, anger, and more.

Each temporary tattoo comes with instructions for application and removal, ensuring a straightforward and safe process. These tattoos are generally made with non-toxic materials and are meant to be easily washed off with water or with the help of baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Emoji tattoos are popular among children, teenagers, and even adults who appreciate the playful and expressive nature of emojis. They are often used as party favors, in goody bags, or as fun additions to special events like birthdays, school events, and themed parties. Additionally, they can serve as a creative way to express ones emotions and personality through body art.

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