Foam Shark Glider - 48 per pack

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Foam Shark Gliders are foam-made gliders shaped like sharks.

Here are the key features of the product:

  • Name: Foam Shark Gliders
  • Quantity: 48 gliders per pack
  • Size: 6 inches
  • Material: Foam
  • Assembly: Easy to assemble, likely requiring simple steps to put the glider together.
  • Packaging: Each foam shark glider is individually packaged, making them ideal for party favors and giveaways.

These Foam Shark Gliders are designed to resemble sharks and are made from foam material, which makes them lightweight and easy to handle. The gliders are 6 inches in size, providing a compact and fun flying experience.

The product comes with simple assembly instructions, allowing children and adults to easily put the gliders together. This adds to the excitement and enjoyment of using these gliders for flying play.

The fact that each foam shark glider is individually packaged makes them suitable for party favors and giveaways at events like birthday parties, ocean-themed celebrations, or any occasion where shark-themed items would be appreciated.

Since they are made of foam, these gliders are generally safe for children to play with, but adult supervision is always recommended, especially for younger kids. Foam gliders are typically safe and can provide hours of outdoor entertainment, encouraging kids to engage in imaginative play with their flying sharks.

Overall, Foam Shark Gliders can be a popular and enjoyable addition to ocean-themed parties and events, providing amusement and fostering creativity among children and shark enthusiasts of all ages.