Galaxy Slime Tub - 12 per pack

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Galaxy Slime Tubs are small containers filled with multi-colored slime designed with a galaxy theme. Here are the key features of this product:

  1. Size: Each tub measures approximately 2.25 inches in size, providing a compact and portable container.
  2. Content: The tubs are filled with multi-colored slime, likely featuring cosmic or space-themed colors and patterns.
  3. Texture: The slime has a sticky and gooey texture, offering a fun and sensory play experience for users.
  4. Display: The slime tubs are sold in a display of 12 pieces, making them suitable for bulk purchasing or retail displays.
  5. Age Recommendation: The product is suitable for ages 3 and above, ensuring it is safe for young children.

Galaxy Slime Tubs are likely designed to provide a playful and imaginative experience inspired by the wonders of the galaxy. The multi-colored slime with its sticky and gooey texture can be fascinating for kids to explore and manipulate. The cosmic colors and patterns add to the visual appeal, creating an enticing and enchanting product. These slime tubs could be popular as party favors, gifts, or rewards for kids, especially those who are interested in space and celestial themes. The small size of the containers makes them suitable for individual use or sharing among friends. Additionally, the display packaging allows for easy storage and presentation in retail settings. Galaxy Slime Tubs can offer children an opportunity for sensory play, creativity, and imaginative storytelling, making them an enjoyable and entertaining toy for various occasions.