Inflatable POW Bats - 12 per pack

Inflatable POW Bats - 12 per pack


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The Inflatable POW Bats pack includes 12 bats, each measuring 20 inches in length. These bats are made of vinyl and designed to be inflatable, providing a soft and safe option for play.

Each bat features colorful graphics and a large "POW" print, which adds visual appeal and a touch of excitement to the design. The bats come in assorted colors, offering variety and a fun surprise in each pack.

These inflatable bats are lightweight and easy to handle, making them suitable for children of various ages. They can be used for outdoor play, at parties, or as props for imaginative superhero-themed games.

Due to their inflatable nature, the bats are less likely to cause injury or damage to surrounding objects compared to traditional hard bats. However, it is still important to use them responsibly and avoid swinging them near fragile items or people.

With 12 inflatable POW bats in a pack, there are plenty of options for sharing among a group, making them ideal for parties, playdates, or team activities. They provide an opportunity for active play and imaginative role-playing while ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.