Monkey Parachutists - 12 per pack

Monkey Parachutists - 12 per pack


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The Monkey Parachutists pack includes 12 vinyl monkey toys, each measuring 1 3/4 inches in size. These monkeys are attached to plastic parachutes via strings, creating a fun and entertaining play experience.

The assorted colors of the monkey parachutists add variety and surprise to each pack. Children can enjoy the excitement of discovering different colored monkeys as they deploy their parachutes.

To play with the monkey parachutists, children can simply throw them up into the air and watch as the parachutes open and the monkeys float gently down. This creates a thrilling visual spectacle and adds an element of anticipation to each launch.

Monkey parachutists are perfect as party favors, as they provide both entertainment and a small toy for children to take home. They can be used for birthdays, celebrations, or other special occasions where kids can engage in imaginative and active play.

The compact size of the monkeys and their parachutes makes them easily portable, allowing children to have fun with them both indoors and outdoors. They can be played with individually or as a group activity, providing opportunities for friendly competitions or cooperative play.

With 12 monkey parachutists in a pack, there are plenty of toys to share among a group of children, ensuring everyone can join in the fun. The monkey parachutists offer a delightful combination of aerial excitement and playful monkey characters, making them a terrific choice for party favors or small gifts.