Sock Monkey Bendable - 12 per pack

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"Sock Monkey Bendable" are a classic toy design that originated from using old socks to create stuffed animals, typically resembling a monkey. They have been popular for many years due to their nostalgic charm and versatility for creative purposes. This particular version of the sock monkey is bendable, adding an extra dimension of play and decorative possibilities.

Here are the key details:

  • Product Name: Sock Monkey Bendable Pack
  • Quantity: 12 per pack
  • Size: Each sock monkey is approximately 3 7/8 inches tall
  • Material: The sock monkey is made of a bendable material, allowing it to be posed and shaped.
  • Colors: The sock monkeys come in assorted colors
  • Uses: The sock monkeys can be used for various purposes, such as posing them as fun decorations, attaching them to gifts, or incorporating them into crafts.