Neon Friendship Rope Bracelets - 144 per pack

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Price: $6.69
Sale: $6.49
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The Neon Friendship Rope Bracelets are colorful and adjustable woven cord bracelets designed for gifting and prizes.

Here are the details:

  • Quantity: Each pack contains 144 friendship rope bracelets, making it suitable for bulk purchases or party favors.
  • Design: The bracelets come in assorted bright colors, providing a variety of vibrant options for wearers.
  • Adjustable: These bracelets feature an adjustable design, likely using sliding knots or similar mechanisms, to accommodate different wrist sizes.
  • Cord Gauge: The cord used for the bracelets is sturdy, with a 4 mm gauge, ensuring durability during wear and play.
  • Usage: The bracelets are described as perfect goody bag gifts, indicating they can be given as treats at parties or events. They can also serve as small game prizes for various activities.
  • Packaging: They are packaged in a polybag, likely for easy storage and distribution.

Age Recommendation: The product is suitable for ages 6 and up, indicating it is safe for children aged 6 years and older to wear and enjoy.

These neon friendship rope bracelets seem like a delightful and versatile option for parties, events, or as small gifts. The adjustable design ensures they can fit various wrist sizes, making them suitable for both children and adults. As with any small accessory, adult supervision is advised to ensure safety during play and prevent any potential hazards.