Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets - 12 per pack

Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets - 12 per pack


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"Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets" are in a pack that contains 12 bracelets, and each bracelet features a novelty design with neon colors. The bracelets are coil spring-style, meaning they have a unique coiled shape that can be stretched and twisted.

Key features of the Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets:

  1. Quantity: The pack includes 12 bracelets, providing multiple pieces for use or distribution. This makes them suitable for parties, events, or as fun gifts for kids.

  2. Size: The bracelets measure 6.5 inches, which should fit comfortably on most wrists. The coiled design allows them to stretch and expand to accommodate different wrist sizes.

  3. Novelty Design: The bracelets come with a novelty design, which could feature vibrant neon colors or other fun patterns. The unique coiled shape sets them apart from traditional bracelets, adding an element of novelty and playfulness.

  4. Assorted Colors: The pack offers bracelets in assorted colors, providing a variety of vibrant and eye-catching options for kids to enjoy. The assortment of colors makes them appealing and allows users to choose their favorite colors.

  5. Polybagged: Each bracelet is individually polybagged, ensuring that they remain clean, protected, and untangled until they are ready to be used or distributed.

  6. Suitable Age Range: The Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets are designed for children ages 6 and up, indicating that they are safe and appropriate for kids to wear and play with.

The Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets are likely intended as fun fashion accessories and toys for children. Kids can wear them as bracelets, and they can also have fun stretching, twisting, and playing with the coiled design. The neon colors and unique shape make these bracelets visually appealing and enjoyable for kids.

These bracelets can be used as party favors for birthday celebrations, school events, or other special occasions. They could also be used as rewards or small gifts for kids, making them a versatile and entertaining option for various situations.

Overall, the Neon Twist Coil Spring Bracelets offer a colorful and playful accessory for kids to enjoy, encouraging creative play and adding a touch of excitement to their style.