Wood Twist Cube - 12 per pack

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"Wood Twist Cube" are a simple yet engaging puzzle or toy. The twist design suggests that the wooden pieces can be rotated or twisted to create different configurations of the cube. This can be both entertaining and mentally stimulating, making it an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy puzzles or fidget toys.

Here are the key details:

  • Product Name: Wood Twist Cube Pack
  • Quantity: 12 per pack
  • Size: Each wooden twist cube measures approximately 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches.
  • Material: The cubes are made of wood.
  • Design: The cubes have a twist design, likely consisting of interlocking wooden pieces that form a cube shape.
  • Packaging: Each wooden twist cube is individually packaged.

The small size of the cubes makes them portable and convenient to carry around. They can be used as individual toys or distributed as party favors or small gifts. The individual packaging helps keep the cubes protected and organized, making them suitable for retail display or gifting purposes.

These wooden twist cubes appeal to both children and adults, offering a tactile and enjoyable experience for those who like hands-on activities or seek to challenge their problem-solving skills.