Pull Back Cars - 12 per pack

Pull Back Cars - 12 per pack

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The Pull Back Cars pack includes 12 plastic race cars, each measuring approximately 2 1/2 inches in size. These cars are designed to be friction powered, allowing them to move forward when pulled back and released.

To activate the cars, simply pull them back on a flat surface and let go. The stored energy from pulling back is released, propelling the cars forward. This feature adds excitement and a sense of speed to playtime.

The pack offers assorted colors and styles of cars, providing a variety of options for kids to choose from. The assortment may include different colors, designs, or even different types of race cars.

These pull back cars are made of durable plastic, ensuring they can withstand repeated play and rough handling. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them versatile toys for children to enjoy in various environments.

With 12 cars in a pack, there are plenty of options for sharing among a group of children or using them as party favors. They can be used for racing competitions, imaginative play, or as part of a car-themed collection.

The pull back cars provide a combination of active play, fine motor skill development, and imaginative storytelling. Children can create their own race tracks, organize races, or simulate exciting driving adventures.

Please note that adult supervision may be necessary, especially when playing with the pull back cars in areas with obstacles or around others, to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

Overall, the Pull Back Cars pack offers a fun and interactive play experience, allowing children to engage in imaginative and dynamic racing adventures.