Pull Back Motorcycles - 12 per pack

Price/Count :


Pull Back Motorcycles are a fun and interactive product that would make a great gift or prize for children who enjoy vehicle toys. The pull-back-and-go function adds a dynamic element to the play experience.

Heres a summary of the product details:

  • Quantity: Each pack includes 12 Pull Back Motorcycles, making it an excellent choice for parties, classroom prizes, or resale.

  • Size and Material: Each motorcycle measures 4 1/2 inches long and is made of durable plastic.

  • Function: The motorcycles feature a pull-back mechanism. You simply pull the motorcycle back, release, and watch it zoom forward, providing engaging play for children.

  • Packaging: Each motorcycle is individually wrapped in its own bag with a header, ensuring the product is ready for sale or gifting.

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