Rainbow Scrunchies - 12 per pack

Rainbow Scrunchies - 12 per pack


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The Rainbow Scrunchies come in a pack of 12. Each pack contains 12 fold over cardboard headers, and each header has 2 scrunchies attached to it. This means that in total, there are 24 scrunchies included in the pack.

The scrunchies are likely to come in an assortment of rainbow colors, adding a vibrant and colorful touch to the product. The specific colors and patterns of the scrunchies may vary, providing a variety of options for customers.

Each scrunchie is designed to be easily wearable in the hair, and they are typically made of stretchable and comfortable fabric that is gentle on the hair. Scrunchies are popular hair accessories that can be used to tie up hair in various styles, adding a fashionable and practical element to hairstyles.

The fold over cardboard headers serve as packaging for the scrunchies, making them presentable and easy to display. Customers can easily view the scrunchies before purchase, and the packaging allows for organized storage or distribution of the scrunchies.

The Rainbow Scrunchies are versatile accessories that can be used for personal use, shared among friends and family, or even given away as gifts or party favors. They are suitable for individuals of all ages and can complement a wide range of outfits and hairstyles.

Whether used as a practical hair accessory or a fashion statement, the Rainbow Scrunchies are sure to add a playful and colorful touch to anyones hairdo. With a variety of rainbow colors to choose from, users can mix and match the scrunchies to express their unique style and preferences.