Rainbow Motif Jump Rope - 12 per pack

Rainbow Motif Jump Rope - 12 per pack


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The Rainbow Motif Jump Rope is a vibrant and enjoyable product designed to provide active play and amusement.

Here are the main features of the product:

  1. Quantity: Each pack includes 12 Rainbow Motif Jump Ropes, providing multiple jump ropes for play or distribution.
  2. Size: The jump ropes are 82 inches long, making them suitable for children and adults of various heights.
  3. Handles: The jump ropes feature 4-inch plastic handles, which are easy to grip and have a colorful rainbow motif, adding visual appeal.
  4. Packaging: Each jump rope is poly bagged with a cardboard header, ensuring they are protected and displayed neatly for purchase or gifting.
  5. Assorted colors: The product comes in an assortment of colors, offering a variety of options and adding an element of surprise when selecting a jump rope.
  6. Playground fun: The Rainbow Motif Jump Rope is great for playground activities, encouraging active play and exercise while having fun.

Rainbow Motif Jump Rope is designed to bring joy and movement to users. The colorful rainbow motif on the handles adds a cheerful touch, making the jump ropes visually attractive and appealing to children. The assortment of colors makes each jump rope unique, giving users the chance to choose their favorite or explore various options. The 82-inch length ensures that the jump ropes are suitable for different age groups and heights, allowing for versatile play. This product could be an excellent addition to schoolyards, recreational facilities, or even as a fun giveaway for childrens events, promoting active and healthy playtime.