Jump Ropes - 12 per pack

Jump Ropes - 12 per pack


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The Jump Ropes pack includes 12 jump ropes, each with an approximate length of 73 inches. These jump ropes are designed for both children and adults and are suitable for various physical activities and exercise routines.

Each jump rope features 3-inch plastic handles, which provide a comfortable grip and durability during use. However, its important to note that the color of the plastic handles may vary, adding a fun element of surprise to each pack.

The jump ropes are individually packaged with a header, which makes them easy to store, distribute, or give as gifts. The packaging helps keep the jump ropes organized and prevents tangling or damage when not in use.

Jumping rope is a versatile exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness, coordination, and overall endurance. It can be enjoyed individually or as a group activity, making it suitable for schools, fitness centers, or simply for fun at home.

With 12 jump ropes in a pack, there are plenty of ropes to go around, making it convenient for group activities, team games, or physical education classes.