Sticky Snakes - 12 per pack

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The Sticky Snakes pack includes 12 snakes, each measuring 18 inches long. These Sticky Snakes are a fun and popular toy among children. They come in assorted neon colors, adding a vibrant and playful touch to their appearance.

The snakes are made of a super sticky and stretchy material, which enhances their entertainment value. Kids can have a great time flinging them, watching them stick to various surfaces, and experimenting with their stretchy nature.

Sticky Snakes can be thrown against walls, windows, or other smooth surfaces, where they stick temporarily before slowly sliding down. This creates a fascinating visual effect and adds an element of excitement to playtime.

Due to their sticky nature, its important to keep the Sticky Snakes away from fabrics, carpets, or any delicate surfaces that may be damaged or stained. Adult supervision is also advised to ensure safe play.

With 12 Sticky Snakes in a pack, there are plenty of them to share with friends or use as party favors. They are a great choice for birthday parties, playdates, or any occasion where children can enjoy interactive and tactile fun.

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