Vinyl Stretch Snakes - 12 per pack

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"Vinyl Stretch Snakes" is in a pack that contains 12 vinyl snakes, and each snake measures 8 inches in length. The snakes are made of vinyl material and are individually poly bagged, ensuring they are clean and protected.

The product is suitable for children ages 3 and up, indicating that it is safe for young kids to play with and handle.

The primary purpose of these vinyl stretch snakes is likely for play and entertainment. The term "stretch snakes" suggests that these snakes are flexible and can be stretched, making them fun to play with and manipulate. Kids can enjoy stretching and bending the snakes, giving them a tactile and sensory experience.

Additionally, the text mentions that the vinyl stretch snakes are great for crafts. This means they can be used in various creative projects, such as DIY crafts, art activities, or even as decorations for themed events or parties.

Moreover, the product is ideal for party favors, meaning they can be given out as small gifts to guests at parties, events, or celebrations. They could also be used as game prizes, serving as rewards for winners in party games or competitions.

Overall, Vinyl Stretch Snakes offer a versatile and entertaining option for kids playtime, creative endeavors, and as enjoyable items for parties and events. The snakes stretchy and flexible nature makes them appealing to children, and they can be used in various ways to add fun and excitement to different activities.