Unicorn Pens - 12 per pack

Unicorn Pens - 12 per pack


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The Unicorn Pens pack includes 12 individual items. Each item is a 7.25-inch-sized pen featuring a unicorn design. The pens come in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, purple, and fuchsia, adding a vibrant and enchanting touch.

Each pen is individually labeled, allowing for easy identification or personalization. The labeling adds a thoughtful and organized element to the pack.

The pack is sold in a PVC container, providing a convenient and protective packaging option. The container ensures that the pens remain in good condition until they are ready to be used or distributed.

The Unicorn Pens are perfect for unicorn lovers of all ages. Whether for school, work, or personal use, these pens bring a touch of magic and whimsy to your writing experience.

With their colorful designs and unicorn motifs, these pens not only serve as functional writing tools but also make delightful gifts or party favors for unicorn-themed events or celebrations.