Zoo Animal Stampers - 24 per pack

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The Zoo Animal Stampers product is available in packs of 24. Each pack contains 24 mini stampers that feature assorted zoo animal styles.

These stampers are designed to create approximately 1-inch stamped animal faces when pressed onto paper or other suitable surfaces. They are self-inking, which means they come with ink already inside and ready to use. After each use, it is recommended to replace the caps to prevent the ink from drying out.

The stampers come in four assorted styles of zoo animals. These styles typically include various animals found in zoos, such as lions, elephants, monkeys, zebras, and more. The assortment adds variety and allows children to stamp different animal faces in their creations.

These mini stampers are not only fun but also serve various purposes. They can be used as incentives, such as rewards for completing tasks or good behavior. They are also great as party favors, adding an interactive and creative element to parties. Children can take them home and continue to enjoy stamping animal faces on their artwork or crafts.

Overall, the zoo animal stampers provide a playful and imaginative way for children to express their creativity while incorporating their favorite zoo animals into their projects.