Mini Cars - 8 per pack

Mini Cars - 8 per pack

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The Mini Cars pack includes 8 cars. Each item consists of a 1 1/2 inch plastic mini race car. These mini cars are designed for fun and interactive play.

The pack also includes barrels and cones to cut out on the back of the cardboard, adding an additional element of play and creativity. Kids can use these cutouts to set up obstacle courses or create their own mini race tracks.

The Mini Cars are great as party favors or gifts, offering a small and entertaining item that can bring joy to kids and race car enthusiasts. They can be given out as favors at parties or used as stocking stuffers or small surprises.

These mini race cars provide a compact and portable option for on-the-go play. Whether at home, outdoors, or on trips, kids can enjoy racing their mini cars and engaging in imaginative play.

The Mini Cars pack offers a delightful and affordable option for playtime, party favors, or small gifts.